16 GB iPad mini Available for $299 with Free Shipping

2013-03-12 14_09_57-Click Go and Buy - Apple iPad mini 16GB Wi-Fi Tablet, Black

Apple manages to keep tight control over the value of their products, and even without Apple’s help, it’s rare to find a current-generation iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad on any kind of decent sale. Well today is one of those days that we actually see such a deal pop up.

Online merchant Rakuten (formerly Buy.com) currently has listed the iPad mini for sale at the price of $299.99. Not only that, but the online dealer will ship it to you for free as well. Interestingly, the site lists the original price as “$339.99 + Free Shipping.”  They of course have taken $40 off of their ten-dollars-more-than-normal price to bring the total down to $299.99. I would recommend grabbing one while you can.

This story was first published on Slickdeals and the device sold out not long after. I have been keeping my eye on it throughout the day though, and at the time of this writing it is available once again.

Does this mean that Rakuten knows something about an upcoming iPad refresh? Probably not, but the next iPad mini is undoubtedly coming this year, and some sources lead us to think it may be sooner than we expect.


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