ShowCase Properly Displays Lowercase Keyboard Letters


Have you ever noticed that the stock iOS keyboard always displays its keys in uppercase regardless of whether the shift key is pressed? If so, you’re probably some kind of obsessive compulsive. If you’re looking to fix this little “annoyance” however, there’s actually a jailbreak tweak made specifically to resolve this particular issue.

ShowCase is not particularly new and, in reality, it doesn’t really accomplish much. But if it truly does bug you that your keyboard always shows uppercase letters, it does just the job. It’s completely free and available on the BigBoss repo in Cydia.

Personally, using the tweak has not seemed to make much difference; if anything, things are worse. I actually never noticed that the keyboard is always all-caps until today when I discovered this tweak. With the tweak installed, the only thing I noticed is that it may be slightly harder to see which keys are which. It seems to me that distinguishing large, uppercase, bold letters is much easier than the small, curly ones that are shown with this tweak.

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