Lumia 928 to Launch on Verizon in April


Tom Warren over at The Verge is reporting that the Lumia 928, the follow-up to the Lumia 920, will be released on Verizon this coming April. The device will feature a redesigned body from the chunky 920, as well as different materials: aluminum, as opposed to the high-quality plastics used in the Lumia 920. The 928 will also be lighter and thinner, fixing two of the most outstanding issues many people had with the original 920, which was incredibly thick and heavy and was often described as a “brick” of a phone.

Other than that, the 928 will be very similar to the 920, but with the obvious spec bumps expected of a product that launches this year. There’s no word on pricing, though it’s probably safe to assume that this will go for around $99, which would follow Nokia and Microsoft’s strategy of undercutting market leaders like Apple and Samsung.

[The Verge]

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