Video of Alleged Samsung Galaxy S 4 Surfaces

Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 event is in just under a week, but the video above may already reveal what the device will be. Posted to Chinese forum, the video shows a device that is very reminiscent of the Galaxy S III. It’s obviously difficult to ascertain any technical specs based on this video, but the Galaxy S 4 is rumored to include a 5″ display with a 1080p panel, as well as an octa-core processor. If that’s the case, the tech specs will likely be the highlight of the device, given the familiar design of this particular model.

The software shown in the later part of the video is also very Samsung-y, and is obviously from the same company that created the software on the Galaxy S III. So, it seems that if this video is truly the Galaxy S 4 (or a Chinese variant of it), then there won’t be many surprises left. Will it be enough to defend its title against the HTC One?

Oh, and ignore that iPad mini walkthrough video going on in the background – though props to whomever decided that would be the background audio.

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