The Lack of Firefox on iPhone is Apple’s Fault

Firefox Home for iPhoneIf you have been wondering why there has yet to be a mobile Firefox browser released for iOS devices, perhaps you should consider pointing your fingers at Apple. Mozilla VP of Product Jay Sullivan, who spoke to a panel at South by Southwest this weekend, there will be no Firefox browser for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch until Apple allows it to “carry over its sophisticated rendering and javascript engines to iOS,” and permit users to select Firefox as their default browser.

Mozilla says it “doesn’t feel like it can build the browser it wants to for Apple’s platform,” at least right now, according to CNET (via BGR). The lack of Firefox on iOS might not be too concerning for most smartphone users, however, as the web browser currently accounts for less than 1 percent market share among mobile platforms. For now, the days of Safari and Google Chrome on iPhone will live on.

[CNET via BGR]

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