However Late, Filippo Bigarella Brings the Harlem Shake to iOS

You have undoubtedly heard of the Harlem Shake, a song and meme that spread across the internet like wildfire more than a month ago. Today, Filippo Bigarella, the person behind LastPic, has released a YouTube video demoing a tweak that beings the Harlem Shake to iOS.

The video was not actually intended to mean the release of an independent “Harlem Shake” tweak, but Bigarella has said in a Reddit discussion of the video that he may release it as an Activator action.

If many people are interested, I’ll probably release it as an activator action. I know, it’s actually silly, but as I said, someone had to do it.

Feel free to leave your groaning distaste for the above video in the comments.

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