ActMonitor Free for Today

activity monitor

ActMonitor, a handy application for monitoring the actual usage of your iPhone or iPod touch, is available for free on the App Store for today only. The application provides information about battery levels and how it has been used, as well as storage and memory available. I personally use it because the interface is vastly superior to digging in to, and then diving down in order to access information about storage and battery levels.

In addition, the app includes the following features:

  • Information about the network.
  •  Wi-Fi, Edge/3G/LTE and Bluetooth traffic.
  •  Battery level, status and remaining life (estimated).
  •  Memory status.
  •  Disk free space information.
  •  Processes list (To show system processes just pull list down).
  •  Device identity (device name, os version, UDID (if available)) which can be sent by email
  •  Other detail info about Apple devices.

It’s obviously a handy little application with a fantastic design, and for the low, low price of free it’s an absolute no-brainer.

[App Store]

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