iBookstore Twitter Account Ironically Retweets Obscene Message


Apple has historically strived to eliminate overt sexual messages from their products, and (with the App Store) extended that control beyond their own domain. Isn’t it ironic, then, that the iBookstore Twitter account last night retweeted and favorited the tweet to the right (with the “offensive” word obviously being removed from the photo).

Alright, yes — it is kind of funny that a Twitter account run by Apple would even consider retweeting or favoriting such a post. That it actually did, and was therefore displayed to the iBookstore’s  214,435 followers is somewhat humorous, as well as embarrassing for the company. The tweet was, according to 9to5mac, “**almost** immediately removed from the page.”

I’d also like to point out that this is the iBookstore, and not the App Store. The App Store is known for their rigorous approval process, but the iBookstore? Not so much. There’s plenty of obscene content available, because these are books. People write about everything, and then publish it. Twitter is the same. It’s up to the company to know their audience well enough to not retweet such posts.


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