Google Demos a Computer in a Shoe at SXSW Interactive

It’s no secret that Google is making bold strides in to the up-and-coming wearable computing industry. This year at SXSW, they have even furthered demonstrated this push with a prototype shoe made in partnership with Adidas.

The shoe aims to both entertain and encourage its user by saying various things based on the wearers actions. For instance, if you’re sitting around and the shoe detects little to no movement, it will say something like “this is boring.” When you get up and run around a little bit, however, it will encourage you by saying “now that’s more like it!”

Google says the shoe is controlled by a microcomputer similar to an Arduino and that it has built-in pressure sensors, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and Bluetooth for connectivity to your phone.

Google’s mantra at this year’s SXSW is “Art, Copy and Code.” They’ve set up a “playground” of sorts in downtown Austin where they are demoing various experiments aimed at re-imagining advertising. The Google Shoe is only one of these, and represents technology wearable on our bodies, “connected objects.”

It used to be that there was the ‘real’ world and the digital world and the two rarely met. Not anymore. Thanks to ever-evolving technologies like NFC, RFID and Bluetooth, as well as some folks with big imaginations, the offline and online worlds are increasingly rubbing shoulders.

Head over to the Art, Copy & Code website to learn more about the movement, and watch a video explaining exactly what  Google hopes to achieve with this campaign. Would you wear an Android-connected shoe with an attitude?

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