Six Months Later, How Well Do Apple Maps Perform?


Apple Maps was the most critiqued software release from Apple in years. The disappointment was almost universal: even traditional fans of Apple believed the product to be a step back from what was offered on the Google-based system of past years.

Apple’s official line was that it would improve the mapping system at as fast a rate as possible, and it’s certainly true that some of the more crazy errors are now fixed (except, apparently, this one). How have you found Apple Maps, now almost exactly six months after the release of iOS 6? Is it better in your use? Or have you opted to simply use the tried-and-true Google Maps alternative?

At least one test shows that Apple Maps has improved — and even surpassed Google Maps. That test wasn’t exactly scientific, and certainly doesn’t give insight in to how the data applies to the rest of the world. Regardless, it does show that Apple Maps are useful in at least some situations.

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