Parallax: Android-Esque Wallpapers for iOS


Last week we took a look at LivePapers, a tweak aiming to let you use a more dynamic and interesting backgrounds on your iOS device. Today’s tweak (which we also look at three years ago) has a similar goal, but it provides it in a slightly different way.

Parallax has been around a while, and it is now compatible with iOS 6.1+ and the latest devices. The functionality that Parallax feels undoubtedly similar, as an identical concept has been possible natively on various Android devices for a long time. Do you like having a background that scrolls as you flip your pages of apps? This tweak brings that concept to iOS.

There’s not much to configure in Parallax. No icons are added to your homescreen, and like many tweaks, you configure all options via Among these settings are manual speed adjustment and vertical scroll speed which will let you configure the tweak’s behavior to your liking.

As for setting up the background itself, you will find that using a normal iPhone screenshot does absolutely nothing. I found the best thing to do is just search for panoramic photos on Google. Any of these will work perfectly. Otherwise, you could just take a panoramic photo yourself.

Parallax is available on Cydia for $1.99.



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