iPhone 5 vs. Nikon D3100: Can You Tell the Difference?

2013-03-08 16_25_03-Camera Showdown between the Nikon D3100 vs

We all know the iPhone 5 camera is pretty good, but just how good is it? To the untrained eye, can you tell the difference between pictures taken by an iPhone 5 and a DSLR? Over at camerashowdown.com you will find a 10 question quiz that presents you with 10 photos. For each one, simply select the photo you think looks better, and at the end it will show you which devices they belong to.

I personally had little trouble distinguishing between the two. I correctly chose that 7 out of the 10 were DSLR photos. Can you tell the difference? Head over to the source link and give the quiz a shot. Also, be sure to stop by in the comments and let us know how it went! Don’t feel too bad if the quiz sends you for a loop; some of those are a little tricky.

[Camera Showdown via Reddit]

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