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Water and dust always seem to find their ways of creeping into things. Whether it be an iPod, a headphone jack, or a speaker. The NUU Splash is a speaker that aims to solve the problem shown in the third instance. The speakers try their best to offer great audio, but durability that is IP55 rated to resist dust and water.  


  • Driver: 2 40 mm Drivers
  • Impedance: 4 ohm
  • Bluetooth ver: Bluetooth 2.0

In the Box

  • NUU Splash
  • Auxiliary Cable
  • DC Adaptor


The NUU Splash utilizes a beautiful aluminum housing that has an industrial look from the sides. The speakers are enclosed by the single slab of aluminum that surrounds the entire housings. The top uses a beautiful glossy plastic with 5 prominent buttons to offer music controls as well as pair the device (hold play/pause for 5 seconds). The design is actually very industrial, yet very beautiful in its own ways.


Design: ★★★★


Two 40 mm speakers power the NUU Splash. This is the size normally used for a set of headphones. Since these speakers are a little smaller to make them portable, a bass radiator is placed on the back to amplify the bass tones a bit to keep the speakers from being thin.


These are Bluetooth speakers that can also be used in a passive wired mode. A slight loss of lower sub-bass and impact comes when wireless. As does some sweetness and clarity in the midrange. Highs can get a bit splashy. These definitely do sound better wired.

The sub-bass of the NUU Splash is actually very well presented with ample depth. It could definitely dig a little deeper though. Impacts are able to hit hard the majority of the time while the upper bass offers a nice tight punch to the bass to render it more accurate. Even with the bass radiator, there are still tweaks that would improve the bass presence and power.

The lower midrange offers strong presence. This leads to overall great detail retrieval for the details that the speaker produces. Vocals seem to lack that lushness but are able to produce a nice hint of sweetness. This results with vocals that are forward with dynamics in the higher ranges, but lacks down low. Upper-midrange clarity is nicely defined as well.

This is probably the best rendered part of the speakers. The lower treble offers a nice dynamic snap and punch. It has good presence and timbre as well. Going up high, the treble offers good detailing. Additionally, it does a decent job with separation and clarity in this upper end. Splashes sound natural, as do snaps. The highs aren’t able to produce the airiness of most recordings though.

Audio: ★★★★


These speakers come packaged with a nice carrying pouch to keep them in when not in use. This is compact and really useful for on the go. Although it does help protect the speakers, the Splash doesn’t look as if it really needs protection; it’s built very study.


The housings of the speakers is made of machined aluminum that is a little more than a few millimeters thick. The metal feels very study, it also feels like it is very strong as well. Additionally is the fact that it’s built to IP55 standards to be resistant to water and dust damage.


Build: ★★★★


These speakers have a suggested retail of 99 dollars. For the feature set, it may be worth the price. Outside being resistant to dust and water, the speakers are also wireless. They use Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, but I’d rather have 4.0. With my tests, the speakers seemed to have a short delay, or even clip out every now and then. To avoid these entirely, one could simply use them in auxiliary mode. Overall though, they do offer quite a bit for their price.


Like most other Bluetooth speakers, the Splash also do come with controls on the top. They allow for volume adjustment, skipping songs (or going back), as well as a standard play-pause button (which is also used to pair the device). The buttons are elegantly placed on the glossy top panel of the speaker.


Value: ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

The NUU Splash is actually a very nice looking speaker. NUU made some nice choices in the design structure to keep it durable while also being very beautiful. Of course there are things that can be improved with the speaker, but overall, this 100 dollar wireless speaker offers a very strong package overall.

I’d like to thank Pedro for the product sample.

Overall Score


NUU Splash

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