iOS Theming: 5 Gorgeous iPhone Home and Lock Screen Setups

LSVignetti2 Minuet1 LSVignetti1 Minimal1

One of the biggest draws to jailbreaking an iOS device is the ability to customize nearly every aspect of the platform, far outside the limitations of what Apple imposes. But, with so many themes available, it can become difficult to choose the perfect one for your device.

That’s where we come in. Ahead, we have compiled a gallery of 10 gorgeous custom home and lock screen setups. We’ve also shared all the themes, tweaks and other Cydia packages that you will need for installation. Grab your iOS device and join us ahead.

LS Vignetti / Newport Setup (iPhone 5)

LSVignetti1 LSVignetti2

This first iOS 6 compatible setup comes courtesy of Reddit user drazyLate, who uses a modified version of the LS Vignetti lock screen theme (available on deviantART) with the Minimal Slider HD tweak (Cydia / BigBoss repository) for the minimalistic slide to unlock bar. He also uses the TetherStatus tweak (Cydia / BigBoss repository) in the status bar. Here is the lock screen wallpaper.

The home screen uses the Newport theme (Cydia Store / $1.99) with a custom wallpaper, DashBoard X (Cydia Store / $1.99) tweak for the weather widget, and combination of Cascade (Cydia Store / 99 cents) and Infinidock (Cydia Store / $1.99) for a scrollable dock with cover flow animation. Leave a comment or check the Reddit post if you have questions about this theme setup or its installation.

Four more theme setups ahead. 

Minuet / Ayecon Setup (iPhone 5)

Minuet1 Minuet2

For this setup, shared on Reddit by user jiggy0408, you will need the Minuet 2.0 lock screen theme (available on deviantART), Lockscreen Clock Hide (Cydia / ModMyi repository), Springtomize 2 for the custom status bar (Cydia Store / $2.99), Clear Lockscreen (Cydia / ModMyi repository), LS TapClear and Custom CameraGrabber Icon.

This is the matching wallpaper that you can use for the lock screen. As for the home screen, you’re looking at the Ayecon UI (Cydia Store / $2.99) with the Minimal HD icon set. inSiri for iOS 6 in white is also used. While not shown, this user also has the TransparentNC and SBSettings (Cydia / BigBoss repository) tweaks installed.

ColorFlow / 1derful HD Setup (iPhone 4 / 4S)

1derful1 1derful2

This setup uses the ColorFlow (Cydia / lock screen theme, 1derful HD (Cydia Store / $2.99) user interface theme, Minimal Slider HD tweak (Cydia / BigBoss repository) for the minimalistic slide to unlock bar, and Zeppelin (Cydia / ModMyi repository) for a custom carrier logo. Moreover, using built-in WinterBoard features, you can set a Transparent Dock, Dim Icons and No Docked/Undocked Icon Labels. See this Reddit thread for more details.

Minimal Setup (iPhone 5)

Minimal1 Minimal2

For those that prefer a minimal setup, this one is for you. For the home screen, use Clear Status Bar (Cydia / ModMyi repository) to hide the status bar, clock and slider shadows, and Springtomize 2 (Cydia Store / $2.99) for hiding the “slide to unlock” slider and text. Lock screen wallpaper if you want it. Hit the source for more information.

Minimalistic Newport Setup (iPhone 5)

1 Theme

From within our iFans discussion forums, this iOS 6 jailbroken setup was shared by Ross Simpson. For the icon set, you’ll want the Newport theme (Cydia Store / $1.99). To get the icons centered, use Gridlock by Grant Paul (Cydia Store / $4.99) or Iconoclasm (Cydia Store / $3.00). The font under the icons is Didact Gothic. For the lock screen clock, install LS MYUI Flip Clock (available on deviantART) using SSH. The wallpaper is Dunes (also available on deviantART). Use Zeppelin (Cydia / ModMyi repository) for a custom carrier logo. The overall lock screen theme is Black Bar Lockscreen, but it has been modified significantly.

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