JellyLock Brings Android Lockscreen to Your iOS Device

Ever wanted a piece of Android – specifically Android 4.1, Jelly Bean – on your iOS device? How about that lockscreen, with its rather intuitive way to access the camera and unlock the device?

Boom, it can happen. All you have to be is jailbroken, and willing to install a package. Today saw the release of JellyLock, a lockscreen replacement that is modeled after both the design and behavior of what is included on stock Android 4.1/4.2. The developer notes that he’s tested it on the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S, and hasn’t seen any issues (though the Reddit announcement thread does see some users bringing problems to light). He isn’t sure how the tweak works on non-retina devices, as he doesn’t have any to test.

This tweak is still in beta, and the details of it can be found on the developer’s (Max Katzmann, for those interested) personal blog. Still, this simple tweak looks like it may be worth downloading and installing, particularly if you’re either curious about or a fan of Android’s lockscreen system.

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