Acase Collatio: A Multi-Purpose Leather Annoyance

Photo Mar 06, 5 04 47 PM

Acase is a supplier of many different kinds of cases, and their iPhone line is definitely notable as being somewhat affordable and functional. The Acase Collatio is made of real leather, which is a huge plus, but I think its design could use some work. The quality of its build is nice, but maybe the concept of a wallet case just isn’t for me.

First of all, I want to praise the fact that this case is, in fact, real leather. It even smells like leather. It’s definitely sturdy, and after a bit of use, I have yet to notice any obvious wear.

The case is very stylish and definitely compliments the iPhone 5′s hardware. Sliding your phone into the case, and likewise pulling it out, is effortless and the leather binding holds the phone snugly.

This snug fit, however, has proven to be an issue for me. You may be able to see it in the image above, but it’s notable that the left side of the case doesn’t fit the iPhone well. What you can’t see is the little hole that Acase provides for access to the vibrate switch. At least with my review model, said switch was almost impossible to use. The up and down volume buttons, however, worked perfectly fine.

Other than that, all functions of the iPhone perform as expected. Camera shots look fine, and the speaker and mic located at the bottom of the device are, for the most part, unobstructed.

2013-03-06 19_05_27-Acase Collatio iPhone 5 Case _ Cover (Apple iPhone 5) - Genuine Leather Wallet CAnother gripe I have with this case is that there is no way to comfortably use the phone itself. Folding the flap over makes holding the phone very uncomfortable, and leaving it open makes holding the phone–with one hand, at least–a frustrating annoyance. Also, a dock on what is otherwise a nice looking case is that, as you can see to the right, the company has placed a plastic Acase button right on the front.

With all of my functional complaints out of the way, the case does compensate to some extent by proving the ability for you to store your credit cards, cash, and drivers license in the same place as your phone. If that’s your thing and losing phone comfort-ability and functionality is okay with you, this might be a good option.

The Acase Collatio is available on the Acase website for $39.90.

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