PowerSkin Charging Case for iPhone 5: Simply Outdated

Photo Mar 14, 4 31 08 PM

I’ve been reviewing more accessories than usual lately, and you may remember my last two reviews of battery cases for iPhone 5: The PowerSkin Pop’n and the iKit NuCharge. This third and final one, however, is probably my least favorite. This case has a more traditional, bulky design that makes the already tall iPhone 5 even taller. It not only gives it more height, but increases its overall size and weight, as well.

Functionally, the PowerSkin battery case for iPhone 5 is not much different than its brother, the PowerSkin Pop’n. If anything, though, it’s less functional. As I mentioned in my review for the Pop’n, it’s compatible with not just the iPhone 5, but the iPad mini (and I assume iPad 4) as well.

2013-03-14 22_41_18-PowerSkin for Apple® iPhone 5The PowerSkin charging case for iPhone 5 doesn’t offer the same versatility. It’s a plastic mold, designed to fit the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5 only. Normally, I wouldn’t have a problem with this, but the case is hardly different than its older brother, the PowerSkin charging case for iPhone 4/4s.  Much like the iPhone 5 itself, the case is only different in height.

That design is old, outdated. As we’ve seen with both the Pop’n and the iKit NuCharge (I prefer the latter), there are much more elegant solutions that provide the same functionality. What’s even worse is that the PowerSkin charging case didn’t even fit my iPhone properly. The top right silicone is flimsy and won’t stay over the edge of my iPhone.

As with all cases this is the part where I talk about whether or not the case’s designers were idiots. No, they weren’t. All of the device’s ports are fairly accessible, and the case isn’t too heavy. It’s not designed absurdly, but the major disadvantage here is that there are so many cases–even made by the same company–that are so much better at doing its job.

Overall, I think that if you so badly want to give $79.99 to PowerSkin, grab the Pop’n. It’s more versatile, less bulky, lighter, and actually fits the device correctly. If you absolutely need a charging “case,” though, maybe this is for you.

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