SelectiveReading Lets You Specify Which Contacts Get Read Receipts


Sending read receipts can be pretty useful for messaging your best friends. If you’re talking to someone and you see that they haven’t yet read your message, you’ll know they aren’t ignoring you. Likewise, if you see that they did in fact read your message and they don’t reply, you’ll know they’re busy and that they’re ignoring you on purpose. Read receipts have definitely improved my text conversations with my friends.

There are, however, a number of people that I don’t want to give the courtesy of knowing whether or not I’ve seen their messages. For instance, if I work a day job and my boss texts me after work to do something, I don’t want him to know that I saw his text message and ignored him, especially when I’m not actually obligated to do such task. An obvious solution to this would be turning off read receipts all together, but what about if I then want to text my friends? I don’t want to have to continuously be switching it on and off.

As always, this is where today’s featured tweak  comes in. With SelectiveReading, you can specify who gets read receipts based on the contact you are messaging. It’s pretty simple, really. Select the contact you want to modify and you can choose for read receipts to be “on,” “off,” or for the tweak to ask you. SelectiveReading available right now on BigBoss for $0.99.

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