T-Mobile: “If AT&T Thought Our Network Wasn’t Great, Why Did They Try to Buy It?”

T-Mobile's new advertising campaign against AT&T. (Source: MacRumors)

T-Mobile’s new advertising campaign against AT&T. (Source: MacRumors)

The drama continues between American mobile providers AT&T and T-Mobile, two years after the former attempted to acquire the latter in a multibillion dollar merger that was eventually withdrawn by AT&T in light of heavy opposition by the U.S. government and other parties. This latest saga began in January, when T-Mobile CEO John Legere openly called AT&T network’s “crap” during an International CES interview.

AT&T remained silent about Legere’s remarks until just last week, when it ran a full-page advertisement in The New York Times, claiming that T-Mobile’s network has two times more dropped calls, two times more failed calls and 50 percent slower download speeds over AT&T’s network. “Don’t be fooled by their misleading claims,” the ad read. “For the better network experience, count on AT&T.” 

In retaliation, TmoNews reports that T-Mobile is currently developing a new advertising campaign that puts AT&T’s ads to shame. One ad in particular reads, ”If AT&T thought our network wasn’t great, why did they try to buy it?” The other pair of ads emphasize how worried AT&T appears to be about T-Mobile, stressing that consumers should learn the real facts about the magenta-flavored network on its website.

TMobile AT&T Ad 1

Another similar ad reads:

If you have seen AT&T’s recent advertising campaign, someone is obviously worried. What’s most surprising to us is the disparaging tone of these ads given AT&T’s failed attempt to buy us in 2011. Well don’t take their word for it about our network quality. See the facts for yourself at T-Mobile.com/coverage.

When will T-Mobile launch this new advertising campaign? According to the report, soon:

I can say they are proof prints that have already been sent to T-Mobile for final approval. I’m even being told we may see them in newspapers as early as today. It’s worth noting that the team behind these ads is the very group responsible for a number of recent T-Mobile commercials, including the most recent helicopter promo spot. So it’s all the more likely we will see these go wide in the coming days.

AT&T did end up on the losing side of the table when it attempted to acquire T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom, as it was forced to pay the German parent company a $4 billion settlement because the takeover was unsuccessful. It also did not gain the additional network spectrum in the United States that it was hoping for, and Verizon Wireless has since expanded its 4G LTE network to be the largest in the United States.


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