50 Apps That Still Support Your Original iPhone or iPod Running iOS 3.1.3


If you still have an original iPhone or iPod touch from several years ago, you have probably noticed that it has become increasingly difficult to discover apps that still support iOS 3.1.3, the last software update released for those devices.

Apple dropped support for both of those devices in 2010, and most apps now require iOS 4.3 or later. Fortunately, iFans forum member Erik Alexander has compiled a list of noteworthy apps compatible with iOS 3.1.3 just ahead. 

Apps Compatible with iOS 3.1.3

You can click on these links on your Mac or PC to download them using iTunes, or tap on the links directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to install any of the titles below directly from the App Store on iOS.

  1. Lux Touch
  2. Trainyard Express
  3. Doodle Jump
  4. Feed Me Oil
  5. The Game of Life
  6. Jelly Car
  7. Move the Box
  8. Ow My Balls
  9. Parking Mania
  10. Rock Battle Live
  11. Textropolis
  12. Topple
  13. Shopping Cart Hero 3
  14. iStunt 2 – Snowboard
  15. Monsters Ate My Condo
  16. ICEE Store
  17. SuperPretzel Factory
  18. Fish Farm
  19. Contract Killer
  20. Glow Hockey 2 Free
  21. Bumpy Road
  22. Edge
  23. Prose with Bros
  24. Reckless Getaway
  25. Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing
  26. SPY Mouse
  27. Pandora
  28. Hero’s Way
  29. Rope Rescue Free
  30. Mummys Treasure
  31. Roll in the Hole
  32. Blobster
  33. Elevator Zombies
  34. Collision Effect
  35. Gorilla Gondola
  36. iSniper 1
  37. Army of Darkness Defense
  38. Zombies Ate My Baby
  39. Magic Academy 2
  40. QBeez
  41. Super Badminton
  42. Machine War
  43. The Sims: Medieval
  44. Girl vs. Zombies
  45. Deadly Mira: Ninja Fighting Game
  46. Stick Hero
  47. Panda’s Revenge
  48. Hop Race
  49. 2K Sports NHL 2K11
  50. Snowball Runner
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