The PowerSkin Pop’n: Versatile, Portable Power

PowerSkin PoP’n

I personally do not find battery cases very useful; my devices typically have around half of a charge left at the end of the day. The PowerSkin Pop’n battery, however, might be something I keep with me. The fact that the device isn’t really a case is definitely the primary reason I like it, and even better; it works with both my iPhone 5 and my iPad mini.

Its name suits it. Take one look at the device and you will see why it’s called the “Pop’n.” Rather than being a full-fledged protective case, the PowerSkin Pop’n uses mini suction cups to attach to your phone or tablet. They do in fact “pop” when you remove the accessory from your device, for your information.

Battery life for the case is as advertised. Its slim, 2000 mAh battery only adds 10mm to your device and extends your iPhone’s power as much as 70%. The attachment is also just 83 grams; it feels just about as heavy as you would think.

PowerSkin PoP’nInterestingly, PowerSkin doesn’t advertise the case as compatible with the iPad mini. The packaging obviously advertises this battery as being for iPhone 5, but its little connector fits perfectly on my iPad mini as well. In fact, this is the feature that will probably keep me using it. I can keep this single device in my backpack and have portable power for both my phone and my tablet at any time.

The attachment functions as you would expect; you connect the device and simply press the power button on the back. Your iPhone or iPad will begin charging and will continue until the battery itself is dead. If you disconnect the battery, it will realize that it’s not charging anything and stop supplying power.

Much like the iKit Nucharge that we reviewed yesterday, one of the accessory’s major benefits is that it doesn’t add any vertical bulk to your iPhone. The iPhone 5 is tall enough, already isn’t it? But the Pop’n take up even less space it seems than the NuCharge. Which one is best? That’s up to you.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the PowerSkin Pop’n. It is especially useful for me and, even though I will probably never need it, it’s definitely a nice thing to have. It’s available on the PowerSkin website in white and black variations for $79.99.

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