Rumor: iPhone 5S Coming In August, Next iPads As Soon As April


Rene Ritchie of iMore is back today with a two rumors that may whet the appetite of any iOS lover.

According to a blog post he made earlier today, Apple is currently planning to release the iPhone 5S in August of this year, as opposed to September. That would mean that Apple is on a slightly more aggressive schedule than they have been for the past two years, and as such means that iOS 7 has a shorter public testing period.

Ritchie mentions that the overall design of the iPhone 5S is similar to that of the 5, and that it will indeed be more of a spec bump than a redesign of the hardware.

There will also be new iPads coming, potentially as soon as April. Apple has been on an aggressive schedule with the iPad line, pushing new models out at a quicker pace than other product lines. The new iPads are rumored to feature a complete redesign to share more in common with the current iPad mini. Ritchie states that Retina for the iPad mini does not sound imminent.


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