Best Buy Accidentally Features a Jailbroken iPad


This morning, 9to5Toys listed the above case as one of Best Buy’s daily deals. It’s pretty much a steal actually, at $40 off retail. But what’s more interesting than the sale itself? As discovered by the article’s author, @iDannyOcean on Twitter, the stock image used in the promotion not only displays Cydia, but mobile terminal as well.

As Gizmodo reports, a Targus spokesperson did reach out to them to say that they did not provide Best Buy with the image. Upon further research, I was actually able to spot above iPad screenshot on Google images. I guess the person who did the above Photoshop job didn’t care to make sure the device wasn’t tinkered with.

At the current time it appears that the image still shows Cydia. Oh, and if you’re actually interested in the deal, time remaining is sitting at just over eight hours at the time of this writing.

[9to5Toys via Twitter via Gizmodo]

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