BrightnessFix Resolves iOS 6 Brightness Issues After Respring

BrightnessFixIf you have experienced the brightness on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch go dim after a respring on iOS 6 or later, you are not alone. The issue is a result of some Cydia tweaks killing off SpringBoard when applying a respring, causing the brightness level to plunge very low. Fortunately, a new minor jailbreak tweak has been released on Cydia called BrightnessFix that aims to prevent this problem from occurring once and for all.

All you will need is a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 6 or later, and you’ll find the BrightnessFix package on Cydia under the ModMyi repository. It’s a free download and should automatically resolve any respring brightness issues that you may have been encountering. Most modern day Cydia tweaks and utilities no longer cause this issue, but BrightnessFix is still a useful solution to have nonetheless.


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