iPad Bandit Ordered Hit on Victim

Well, this proves it: criminals are dumb. A few months ago, a man’s finger was ripped off when a thief grabbed the bag containing his iPad. The criminal was later caught and sent to jail, where he sent a letter to someone on the outside ordering a hit on the unfortunate victim, in hopes that his case would be dropped.

FOX31 News has learned that investigators intercepted a communication between Brandon Smith, 21, and someone outside the jail in which Smith allegedly said his theft case would go away if the victim was ‘eliminated.’

“”YOU GET THIS DONE! AND I GO ON ANYTHING I’ll rob a bank if you want me too. Just do this for your boy and I got you for sure. You know how we do it. … If you do this, case is dropped.”

Time to buy one of these mock-book cases to hide your shiny device from dubious eyes.

[Denver Post]

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