iKit NuCharge: Easy On-the-Go Charge Case for iPhone 5

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It’s not often that we at iFans get to review a product before it’s officially released. The iKit NuCharge is one of those exceptions, and it’s undergoing Kickstarter funding as we speak. Is this battery case something you might want to go check out? Read on and I’ll tell you.

The first thing that you need to realize about this battery case is that it is, in fact, a battery case. It’s not some one dollar silicon case on eBay, and it’s not an OtterBox. It’s a battery case. Being that it–according to Shark Design–can double your iPhone’s battery life, don’t expect it to be slimline and sleek. With extra power comes extra weight. Hopefully that won’t stay true for too long, but right now, batteries are heavy.

But the iKit NuCharge probably does a better job of managing this space than most of its competitors. In fact, that’s the case’s main selling point; you can interchange its back if you don’t feel like you need the extra power on any particular day. This alone, of course, would not be worth the case’s $59 asking price.

2013-03-04 19_10_18-World's first iPhone 5 Interchangeable Battery & Case Cover! by Shark Design — KThat’s where the battery pack comes in. My review unit is black, but the case will also be coming in white if it is successfully Kickstarted. The extra slip-on interchangeable plastic, however, will come in a variety of colors and designs. My review model came with a metallic “brushed metal” back that’s (not so) surprisingly just plastic.

The battery itself, however, is great. In my initial testing I found that it did in fact provide an ample amount of juice, as advertised.

How about the build quality you ask? It’s okay. I mean that in the most literal sense of the word. It’s all plastic, but that’s to be expected. A metal battery case wouldn’t make any sense, would it? I found the different pieces of the case to be easily interchanged, and the overall feel to be good.

One thing that did bother me, however, is the little hook-latch-cord that connects the case to your Lightning port. The plastic that comes out to attach to your iPhone is not durable enough, it seems. It does its job, but even after a tiny about of use, it seems like the corners where the cable attaches to the actual port have already begun to fray. Maybe that’s just my review unit.

If I could ask Shark Design to improve one aspect of the case, that would be it. The little latch is the case’s second selling point. There’s no added bulk to the bottom of the case unlike other battery cases, but if the plastic used isn’t sturdy enough, it’s not worth it. The length of the attachment cord seems a little short, and I think that’s the main problem here.

But overall, this case accomplishes something that not many a battery case can. There’s no added height to the phone, only depth. That, and the fact that it has interchangeable parts and that you don’t have to take the case completely off when you don’t need it might be it’s two biggest selling points.


The case is available right now on Kickstarter, but remember, you only get one if it reaches its funding goal. Right now, the case is at just over $6,000 with a $15,000 goal. Will you help it get there?

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