Adobe Totally Over the iPhone

Well, it’s official. Adobe and Apple have broken up. After bickering back and forth for what seemed like an eternity, they have finally parted ways, and Adobe will no longer try to develop for the iPhone or iPad.

“They’ve made their choice. We’ve made ours and we’ve moved on.”

“Apple made some statements about the suitability of our technology for mobile devices,” he says softly.

For years, Adobe has been trying to get Flash on the iPhone, but Apple has refused to adopt the platform because of security and performance reasons.

“They’ve chosen to keep their system closed and we’d rather work with partners who are interested in working with us.”

“Our doors are open,” says Narayen. “You will have to ask them about their part.”

It’s too bad, in my experience Flash works beautifully on Android, and I believe that Apple and Adobe could have had a wonderful relationship if Steve Jobs just gave them a chance.

If you really want to use Flash on your iDevice, check out Frash, an iOS Flash port by comex.


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