Apple Catching Up with High iMac Demand


The new iMac was revealed late last year, and has since been difficult to get. That’s a combination of factors: first, and probably foremost, is that the new iMac is difficult to manufacture in mass quantities thanks to Apple’s use of various new techniques that help to make the iMac so thin. Secondly is that it’s a popular computer: while laptops are all the rage, the iMac still has a healthy demand, given that it is basically as powerful as the Mac Pro that Apple offers.

Apple has apparently caught up with demand, and ship times have fallen as a result. Now going out in “1-3 days,” the iMacs are available from the online store, in addition to retail outlets like Apple’s own stores and Best Buy. While the ship times have fallen, the price remains fairly high: from $1,299 on the lower end to a cool $1,999 on the high-end, the iMacs are still an expensive investment.


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