BatteryDoctor Pro: The Ultimate NCSettings Replacement

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While just hours ago it was reported that the development of popular jailbreak tweak NCSettings has been discontinued, there is fortunately an even better alternative already available known as BatteryDoctor Pro by Kingsoft Security. To search for the package on Cydia, however, you must type in BatteryDoctorPro. You will see Chinese characters at the beginning of the tweak name.

Every once in a while, a jailbreak tweak comes along that simply trumps others of its kind. BatteryDoctor Pro fits that criteria, as both an elegantly designed and highly functional iOS extension. BatteryDoctor Pro offers multipurpose functionality, both monitoring and optimizing the battery life of your iPhone or iPod touch and, much like SBSettings or NCSettings, adding system toggles to Notification Center. 

BatteryDoctor Pro holds true to its name, providing you with battery life percentage and time remaining, battery health, charging status and charging cycle records. Moreover, the tweak allows you to place your iOS device into three different modes: outdoor, indoor, and alarm.

A number of system presets can be configured under each mode, such as brightness, cellular data, location services and Wi-Fi. If you have your iPhone set to indoor mode, for instance, you could set it so that your brightness is automatically lowered and cellular data is toggled off.

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In addition to its ample battery usage features, BatteryDoctor Pro is also useful for system information and toggles. The tweak displays both memory and CPU usage, internal storage usage, device temperature, hardware specifications and other basic information.

Tap the top-right corner of your device to reveal a window that has quick access system toggles, a multitasking bar with music playback and volume controls, and a used memory indicator that can be tapped to free up additional RAM if possible. And through the BatteryDoctor Pro settings, you can enable this system window to show up in Notification Center too.

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BatteryDoctor Pro is available as a free download from Cydia within the BigBoss repository, supporting the iPhone 3GS through iPhone 5 and fourth- and fifth-generation iPod touch running iOS 5 up to iOS 6.1.2. Remember to search for BatteryDoctorPro as one word. Overall, this is a very useful and highly recommended jailbreak tweak that should definitely be installed on every jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch. Will you use BatteryDoctor Pro?

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