What Are iOS’ Most Unused Features?

Photo Mar 01, 7 39 13 PM

Sometimes when perusing your iPhone’s operating system you may stumble on features that you absolutely never use. For me, one of those features is definitely the “Shake to Undo” functionality that came along with Cut, Copy, and Paste in iOS 3.0. When typing a text message and misspelling the world “beautiful” it just doesn’t make sense–especially in public–to violently shake my iPhone to erase 9 characters. You don’t see me shaking my keyboard when I make a typo on PC. It just doesn’t make sense.

Another one of these features is, for me, the private browsing function apart of Safari. I don’t want to get into a discussion of whether or not I might ever need to, but the point here is more that the setting is so far out of the way that it isn’t practical. To enable private browsing in mobile Safari, you have to navigate to Settings -> Safari -> Private Browsing. ¬†For a function that is easily accessible on most desktop browsers, this is a nuisance.

Besides these, though what other features of iOS do you literally never use?

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