Apple vs. Samsung: Judge Removes Half the Damages Samsung Owes Apple


The executive team in Cupertino can’t be particularly happy at this news: Judge Koh, most famous for presiding over the Apple v. Samsung trials of last year in which the jury awarded Apple almost $1 billion dollars worth of damages due to various patents being infringed upon by Samsung’s Galaxy products, has today voided nearly half of what Samsung owed Apple.

Koh has reduced the total damages to roughly $600 million. Obviously a very hefty sum of money, but still only about half of what they were originally slated to receive. Samsung, on the other hand, is likely elated: the original $1 billion mark was a significant amount of money for them, considering that their popular Galaxy devices are sold at lower profit margins than Apple’s devices.

So, who wins? Apple or Samsung? Either way, it seems as if the consumer is the bigger loser in this battle.


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