You Can Only Have One Jailbreak Tweak

ios-6-jailbreakWith iOS 7 around the corner, there has definitely been much speculation regarding its potential features. But today I want to go at this from a different angle to determine exactly which features are most likely to be included with iOS 7.

As we all know, Apple has in the past integrated many features directly into iOS that were prominent reasons to jailbreak. A good example of this was the introduction of wallpapers in iOS 4. Apple added that–previously jailbreak only–feature to stock iOS, and made it noticeably better. Up until that point we hadn’t yet seen the sleek shadows and gradients that are now–usually unknowingly–applied to all of our wallpapers.

The point of this post is to ask you the following question: If you could only have one jailbreak tweak, what would it be? Don’t worry about required tweaks like MobileSubstrate, but rather think of tweaks that add features. What parts of your jailbreak can you absolutely not live without? What tweaks do you think Apple could make better in the case that they opt to integrate them as part of iOS?

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