Nokia Thinks Windows Phone Can Be Bigger Than Android, iOS


Android and iOS continue to dominate the mobile space, controlling up to 92 percent of operating system market share, but Nokia CEO Steven Elop believes that Windows Phone could eventually top both platforms. He shared those thoughts with Bloomberg in a recent interview at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona:

“The first thing to recognize is that we selected Windows Phone as our platform so that it would be a key point in differentiation. So while there are many vendors doing many things with Android, and it’s hard to tell a lot of that apart, we stand on our own in terms of what we’re doing with Windows Phone. [...] It can be the biggest operating system in the world. We have a lot of work to do jointly with Microsof to make that happen.”

Those are bold words for a platform that is currently battling with BlackBerry 10 for third place in market share. Nokia sees a lot of potential in emerging markets like China and India, however, attempting to penetrate those regions by adding lower-priced models of its flagship Lumia smartphone. So while there is increased competition, Nokia sees increased opportunities.

But, in the United States, it will be a steep uphill battle. Apple and Samsung continue to dominate the market with the iPhone and Galaxy S III respectively, while newer models of both of those smartphones are on the horizon. Nokia will have to remain innovative and do some aggressive marketing if it truly wants to make a name for itself.


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