This Five-Year-Old Accidentally Spent Over $2,500 on In-App Purchases


Despite increased security measures that Apple has implemented to prevent unintentional in-app purchases from occurring, five-year-old Danny Kitchen in the United Kingdom still managed to spend an outrageous £1,700 (about $2,550) on darts, bombs and keys in the freemium game Zombies vs. Ninja.

Kitchen was unaware of his actions, however, after convincing his father to enter his iTunes password for what he believed to be a free download. Apple has since assured the family that a refund will be issued, although little Danny has now been banned from the iPad.

One must question the ignorance of the parents in this situation, as there are several parental controls and restrictions that can be enabled on the iPad, including the ability to disable in-app purchases altogether, to prevent these types of accidents from occurring.

[BBC via Gizmodo UK via MacRumors]

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