Corning’s Flexible Displays Aren’t Likely to Ship Until 2016

corning willow glass

Flexible displays have already been demoed in some devices, albeit in a rather constrained fashion. Most notably, Samsung used CES 2013
to show off a device that had a curved display.

Other devices are rumored to utilize a flexible display. Apple is one of the companies that is supposedly interested in the technology: the iWatch is rumored to include a flexible display in a bracelet-like body. That display is rumored to include capacitive touch capabilities. Unless Apple is ahead of Corning in terms of developing a bendable display, it appears that the iWatch is either further off than we think, or that the design will be significantly different than patents have thus far suggested.

The Corning, New York-based company is producing the glass and making “a lot of effort” to teach “very big name” customers how to handle the spools, Clappin said, declining to elaborate. The introduction of the glass comes as companies including Google Inc. consider making wearable computing devices.


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