Signal 2 Lets You Find Nearby Cell Towers


Have you ever wondered where your carrier’s cell towers are? Signal 2 will not only show you where they are, but will show you the towers’ signal strength and quality as well. Created by Yiduo David Wang, better known as planetbeing, the app is definitely one of a kind and provides functionality that has not yet been seen elsewhere (besides its first iteration, Signal). As noted on the app’s description page, the utility can prove useful when trying to decide on a carrier.

Planetbeing warns that if you’re using the app to find 3G towers, you may have to go outside and take your phone for a walk to help it learn. This minor detail may seem like an inconvenience, but it’s worth noting that you could simply let the app run on your next commute. Within a few days of driving around your town, the app should definitely be able to recognize any and all cell towers nearby.

The ability to find out where the nearest cell towers are doesn’t seem practical to me. Would using this app make you take a different route to work to avoid signal droppage? I can, however, see how it would be useful with an unlocked phone to decide which carrier it best for you.

Beyond that, though, what other options could you imagine for this tweak? Coming in at $3.99 on Cydia, do you feel that you would get any value out of this tweak? It’s definitely powerful, but could you justify spending $3.99 to know the physical locations of nearby cell towers? The app requires iOS 5.0 or above.



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