“Near Field Communications Expert” Hired At Apple

Benjamin Vigier was recently hired at Apple as a “product manager for mobile commerce”. He specializes in Near Field Communication, which is a short range wireless communication technology that operates at a range of around 4 inches.┬áThis tech is used for wireless payment, electronic keys, and wireless tickets for subways, busses, etc.

Most recently Vigier was product manager for mobile wallet, payment and NFC at US mobile payments specialist mFoundry. There he conceived and managed both the PayPal Mobile service and Starbucks’ barcode-based mobile payments service and was also responsible for the development of mobile wallet applications for two top US mobile network operators and an NFC wallet application for a top three US bank.

Near Field Communication is different than Bluetooth because of its shorter range (which makes it more secure) and its rapid connection.

With NFC, instead of performing manual configurations to identify devices, the connection between two NFC devices is established at once (faster than a tenth of a second). Via Wikipedia

What Apple has up their sleeve is unknown, but it seems like they are trying to integrate this technology into the iPhone, allowing it to eventually replace all the cards in your wallet.

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