Tim Cook Reassures Investors in Today’s Shareholder Meeting


The sky is not falling, or so says Tim Cook. Cook in a shareholder meeting held today stated that investors should ignore Apple’s lower stock price, and focus on the future: Cook stated that great new products were on the way.

It’s unclear if Cook is referring to product refreshes — new iPads, iPhones, MacBooks, and maybe even a refresh of the ancient Mac Pro — or if he is hinting at entirely new products, like the iWatch or the rumored Apple TV. Investors are likely hoping to see entirely new products: many, likely including the financial elite, see product refreshes that break records as boring. Odd, though it’s hard to say that Apple and its offerings (software, in particular) aren’t becoming at least a little stale.

This message is in line with Apple’s traditional executive line: stock price doesn’t matter. In many cases, that is true: the stock price is often a poor indicator of how a company is performing. Apple’s stock is down, though it just announced a record quarter. However, it does show a trend of analysts and investors either short-changing the Cupertino company, or increasingly becoming wary of its tactics.

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