Tapbots Puts Pirates to Shame on Twitter

tweetbot-icon-logoOne of the downsides to jailbreaking is that it presents an avenue for pirates to download paid applications for free, even with Installous shut down. It would be unfair to say that the entire jailbreaking community partakes in this piracy, as that simply isn’t true, but there are still a significant number of users that quietly download apps for free on their jailbroken devices.

One of the victims of app piracy is Tapbots, the developer of popular Twitter client Tweetbot for iPhone. In retaliation, however, Tapbots has come back with a clever and rather awesome tactic that is surely humiliating for all pirates. When a user downloads a pirated copy of Tweetbot, the following embarrassing tweet is placed into the compose box automatically.

Update: It appears that the original Twitter user has since deleted the tweet, but we found another:

For those unsuspecting enough to publish the tweet, predominantly non-English speaking users, the result is rather humorous. Of course, this won’t necessarily help Tapbots regain any lost revenue. I mean, maybe a few pirates will have a guilty conscience and end up forking over the paltry $1.99 for the app after all. But at least the folks at Tapbots can grin with pride.

[Gizmodo UK via The Verge] Thanks, Chris!

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