Lytro-like Camera Could Be In Your Next Smartphone


The camera is one of the biggest selling points in a smartphone these days. Nokia has their PureView camera, while HTC just announced their “UltraPixel” camera in the HTC One. Now DigitalOptics want its “Mems|Cam” camera technology in your next smartphone.

At Mobile World Congress this year, DigitalOptics revealed its Mems|Cam camera that can capture images and let you change their focus afterward. This sounds like a similar technology that Lytro introduced a couple of years ago. However, the MEM|Cam technology works a bit differently. 

docmemscamDigitalOptic’s camera module captures images in an instantaneous succession at different depths of field and joins them into one single image that can be manipulated later. It captures images at 8 to 13 megapixels, compared to Lytro’s minute 1-megapixel.

Mems stands for microelectricalmechanical silicone system. It’s the revolutionary system that allows rapid change of the depth of field. It uses just 1-percent of the energy compared to the current smartphone focus mechanism.

DigitalOptics said its camera technology is ready for production and they are in talks with OEMs to incorporate their camera into future smartphones. The company not announced any partners yet, but China’s Oppo and CK Telecom are interested in the technology.


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