The Best Podcast App Launches… On Android First

Pocket Casts 4 android

Shifty Jelly — yeah, a rather interesting name for a development house — yesterday released the latest version of their Pocket Casts podcatching app. On Android.

And it’s fantastic.

The app itself adheres well to the Android 4 “Holo” theme, though continues to carry the iconic red that users of Pocket Casts on both Android and iOS have come to know. The comparisons with previous versions of Pocket Casts ends there, though: the entire design hasn’t been stirred, but shaken up, and it is more than welcome. The app is smooth, and navigating through the screens show just how much thought that the developers put in to the redesign. It is, literally, one of the best-designed applications available on Android.

Almost more interestingly is their choice to launch on Android first, pushing the iOS version’s update back to late 2013. That choice seems to fly in the face of developing, considering that most developers generate more income on iOS than on Android. Shifty Jelly is either ahead of the curve, or is an insane outlier:

Pocket Casts on Android has outsold the iOS version historically at about 5:1. That means for every 1 iOS version we’ve sold, 5 were sold on Android. The Android version also costs $1 more, so we’re making more per transaction as well. The reasons for this are a blog post on their own, but it’s a fact.

Regardless, Pocket Casts for Android is an absolutely excellent application. I love using it, and I can’t wait for the program to make its way to iOS.

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