UMADBRO? — RageBoard: Rage Face Keyboard for iOS


Rage faces aren’t personally my thing, but this tweak is an efficient, quick and easy take on what is probably a somewhat niche concept. If you think the Emoji keyboard is fun and you like to share “rage faces” with your friends, you should check this keyboard out as well. It’s called RageBoard and allows you to insert rage face memes into your texts at the tap of a button.

Everything from “rage” faces to “troll” faces to “worried” faces are included, and the tweak is fully compatible with a variety of apps including:

  • urliMessage
  • Whatsapp
  • BiteSMS
  • Messages+
  • Twitter
  • Facebook Messages
  • Mail

If you’re an iPad ownder, however, you’re currently out of luck. The tweak is only compatible with iPhones and iPod touches running iOS 6 or above.

When sending a rage face, it will be an identical experience to that of downloading a rage face app from the App Store, saving the rage face to your camera roll, and pasting it into your text message. This means that, unlike Emoji, the recipient doesn’t have to have an iOS device by default.

The other downside to this tweak is its price; it comes at a steep $4.99. If you’re constantly feeling the urge to send rage faces to your friends, maybe this is for you. But as for me, I’ll stick with the occasional Emoji.

[via ModMyi]

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