Apple’s Lead in Advertising is Disappearing

samsung ativ

Ken Segall is renown for his involvement in Apple’s famous “Think Different” ad campaign that to this day helps shape the image of the company. In a recent blog post on his personal website, he discusses Apple’s current marketing methods.

While Segall does still believe that Apple’s products are top-notch, he seems to also think that the marketing lead that Apple has historically had is disappearing, largely due to Samsung:

No matter what brand I’m working with, technology or otherwise, it’s astounding how many times I hear marketing people cite the Apple example to make a point. Apple’s advertising history is as famous as its products.

But something’s changed.

While you can still argue that Macs and i-devices have a ton of appeal, you can’t argue that Apple is still untouchable when it comes to advertising.

The fact is, it is being touched — often and effectively — by none other than Samsung.

Recently, Samsung has used various marketing tactics to strike at Apple. From the infamous “iSheep” ads, to more recent ads that heavily rely on the involvement of celebrities, Samsung’s tactics have slowly eroded the sheer marketing worth of the term “iPhone.” While Apple’s products continue to outsell Samsung’s, is it only a matter of time until Samsung eclipses Apple?


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