Does Apple Need to ‘Think Different’?

Apple Rainbow LogoApple. A brand that was once near-bankrupt but, led by the late Steve Jobs, skyrocketed over the past decade to become the world’s most valuable company. While the Cupertino-based corporation continues to hold that title today, it has been faltering as of late in the eyes of shareholders, analysts and your other average pundits. Many argue that Apple has lost its excitement factor, or it’s flare. Maybe we’re finally seeing the effect of Steve Jobs no longer with us.

The biggest problem with Apple is that it has not introduced any groundbreaking products in recent months, or even years. Five years ago, the iPhone pioneered the modern smartphone industry. Months later, the iPod touch put other portable media players of its kind to shame. Three years ago, the iPad redefined the consumer perception of tablets. Apple made the idea of owning a tablet exciting, and now millions of people have one. 

Perhaps it is time for Apple to follow its own “think different” tagline from decades ago, as the lustre of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch begin to wear off. Apple needs something new. It needs that wow factor again. And with heavier competition now more than ever before, primarily from the likes of both Google and Samsung, it needs to act now. Apple must be innovative and avoid being complacent if it wants to maintain its footing in the ever-evolving, ever-growing consumer electronics industry.

If you look at Google, they are working on some insanely awesome products. Google Glass, for instance, is an innovative and futuristic product that I am eagerly excited to get my hands on. Google Glass is something The Jetsons would have imagined we would have by now. It’s mind-boggling. And then you turn to rumors about Apple working on a wearable iPod-like device, often referred to as the “iWatch,” or an HDTV set called anything from the “iTV” to the “iPanel.” Will those products be enough to regain that wow factor? Only time will tell, I imagine.

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