BlackBerry Z10 Outsells iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III in Canada

BlackBerry Z10 Front

Although the BlackBerry has been bruised and battered over the last few years, mitigated to the likes of Windows Phone, there are still a significant number of Canadians that maintain their loyalty to the platform. Those users have been patiently waiting for BlackBerry 10 to release, so it’s rather unsurprising that, at least one retailer in Canada, the BlackBerry Z10 has outsold both the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III since it launched.

According to mobile phone retailer Glentel, which operates 330 WirelessWave locations across Canada, the BlackBerry Z10 has been the “leading smartphone” since its launch on February 5th. No specific sales figures were provided, so it’s hard to say just how well the latest BlackBerry device has been performing. But, even in spite of the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III being older devices now, it’s still impressive that BlackBerry is at least attempting to foot a comeback — especially on its home turf in Canada.

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