iPhone Dominates Enterprise

iOS Enterprise Q4 2012

While the iPhone has long been a hot-ticketed item among consumers, the smartphone has also seen increased adoption from enterprise users over the past few years. More businesspeople are now turning to the iPhone, many of them switching away from ill-fated BlackBerry devices.

The latest data from Good Technology‘s Device Activation Report, which tracks smartphone and tablet devices activated among its enterprise clients, including half of the Fortune 100, reveals that iOS devices accounted for 77-percent of overall activations in the fourth quarter of last year. 

This quarter’s report showed a clear preference for iOS devices, which accounted for 77 percent of all activations and captured eight of the top ten spots on the most popular device list this quarter. While Android activations dropped 6.3 percent as compared to Q4 2011, they still accounted for 22.7 percent of all activations for the quarter, which were primarily driven by Android tablets. Windows Phone devices came in a distant third for the quarter, capturing just 0.5 percent of overall activations.

Together, the iPhone and iPad absolutely decimated Samsung in terms of enterprise device activations. Samsung has been aggressively marketing the enterprise-level security of its flagship Galaxy S III smartphone in its ongoing advertising campaign, while the fourth-generation Galaxy smartphone could offer even more incentives to enterprise users when it is unveiled in March. In the meantime, iOS continues to be the dominant platform for business.


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