Go ayecon Style with 2×2 Folder Icons

2013-02-26 17_33_53-Surenix __ ayecon for iPhone & iPod touch

If you recognize the above screenshot, you probably know that it is a visual example of the iconic and unique theme for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad called ayecon. One of the unique design features of this theme is a feature called “2×2 folder icons.”  As you can see above, it makes your folder icons only show the first four apps, rather than the first nine.

Theme developer Thientam Bach — better know as “Surenix” on twitter – has apparently decided that this feature should be released separately, so that those not interested in the visual overhaul part of ayecon can still take advantage of this simple change if they wish.

Ayecon is available on the Cydia Store for $2.00, while the tweak 2×2 Folder Icons can be obtained by itself for $0.99. I personally would suggest you dive straight in and purchase ayecon if you’re considering getting 2×2 Folder Icons. It’s only a dollar more, and whether you prefer its visual appearance or not, it’s one of the best themes available for iOS at the moment.

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