Jailbreaking Has Become Much Less Burdensome

ios-6-jailbreakOne of the biggest downsides to jailbreaking an iOS device used to be slower performance issues or decreased battery life. In the past, I was always reluctant to jailbreak my older devices, like the iPhone 4 or fourth-generation iPod touch, because of this reason.

Since applying the iOS 6 jailbreak to my newer iPhone 5, however, I have been impressed at the speed in which the exploited device operates. Presumably because of the faster processor and components inside the latest iPhone, I find that Cydia and jailbreak tweaks operate at a much more efficient pace.

While I could never say this before, jailbreaking my device almost feels like it was a native feature. I used to get extremely frustrated because of slow or unresponsive jailbreak tweaks, or sluggish Cydia performance, but long gone are those days. And battery life, too, seems to have improved.

Are you satisfied with the performance of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch after using the iOS 6 jailbreak? Which device and model do you have in particular, and what kind of tweaks or other jailbreak packages do you have installed? Feel free to chime in with any battery life or performance tips.

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