Here’s to the Crazy Ones: This Tattoo Could Make Telekinesis a Reality

This electronic tattoo could one day be used to fly aircraft.

This electronic tattoo could one day be used to fly aircraft.

Google Glass. Apple iWatch. Both of these products revolve around the idea of removing barriers, and bringing the computer closer to the user. Literally, wearable computing is about extending both the accessibility and the capabilities of computing to places that simply have been unreachable.

So let’s talk about an electronic tattoo. According to researchers, “temporary electronic tattoos could soon help people fly drones with only thought and talk seemingly telepathically without speech over smartphones.” Such a device would work by detecting electrical signals from the brain, and then transmitting it to a more powerful relay station that could actually decipher what the signals are intended to do. 

The technology could be used in medical fields, but could also be expanded — one day — in to including far more insane applications. Electronic telepathy and telekinesis could be achieved, albeit in a roundabout method, by using such tattoos to detect brain waves.

Various teams are working in research labs to explore the practical applications of such a device, though the full implications of an electronic tattoo aren’t yet known. Many find the idea of wearing a computer — be it a Google Glass, or an Apple iWatch — creepy, redundant, or both. Does this take it a step further? Or is this one of those technologies that could truly  one day change the world?


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