Another Take on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Phablet


Phablet. What is the first image you think of? It’s likely pretty similar to the image above.

Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 8.0, a large device that looks very similar to the popular Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III. More importantly, it has the ability to make phone calls. The Galaxy Note 8.0 — that 8.0, by the way, denotes how big the screen is — makes phone calls. That’s at least kind of crazy. Or is it? Forum member JaySee presents another view on the product, and how Samsung is positioning it:

You guys totally fail to realize that this was shown at the SOUTH KOREA CES for the KOREAN market. As I live in Korea, I can tell you guys know nothing of the Korean market. This is completely portable. Men have their little LV man-purses, briefcases, messenger bags, and of course BACKPACKS! Women of course have purses. Almost everyone in Korea uses headphones, ESPECIALLY on the subway. People in Korea walk around carrying their Tabs/Notes/iPads. The original 7″ Tab did well as a primary cellular device and people did hold it up to their faces if they didn’t already have their headphones plugged in or Bluetooth earpiece connected. Samsung was ahead of the game here and Apple is obviously playing catchup with the Mini. Lastly, Samsung markets the Notes as productivity products with their ability to multitask. This would work very well as a primary business cellular device. You can talk to people and send documents at the same time.
Considering this, does the Galaxy Note 8.0 make sense? 
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